So there is now there is an official course, and it has a name, fantastic. We’re all about the iphone photography at the moment, saves lugging a camera around, plus it’s good fun to fill time wasting minutes, in cab journeys, when your date is late etc. Special attention needs to be paid by bloggers, a shit phone picture just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Unless you’re a Vice type then a spruce up of mobile photography is always a good thing. So get the apps, and get playing, a course isn’t needed, these things teach themselves.


So at E&B we instagram. Natch. We also like Camera + which has a good clarity device, as well as basic adjustments such as crops, borders and plus a wide range of it’s own effects…we also like the lightbox feature which is easy to use and great to edit more than one photograph at a time.


Snapseed is a good app, mimicking photoshop for your iphone, it’s got a good and easy to use swipe system to lighten, touch up and edit, it’s got a couple of effects but this is mainly for detailed editing of the image. Edge also uses SlowShutter, for well, slow shutters…and Barrett is in love with Grid Lens…great for updating a blog post where more than one image is required, saves a whole long ream of images trailing off screen, and it looks nice and neat and tidy. Plus the graphics are very fun and jolly which is always nice…


Here are some examples of Edge’s iphone photography, including a stunningly pretencious one of Barrett’s head…I’m feeling it’s time to re-think the knitwear…happy snapping.

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