The Bell, Ticehurst

Ugh week two of the January freak out, by now you may be like us and living the most self delusional lie common of this time of year, that of ‘one shall not ever drink again’…well we’re two weeks in and finding it hard. A) because it’s hard, B) because we’re feeling all refreshed and ‘healthy’ after a fortnight off the sauce, so therefore fancy re-toxing and C) because we couldn’t be more in love with the old local right now. They’re cosy, they’re full of neighbours, jolly people and we know the words to all the songs. Believe it or not we have four ‘locals’ – shame on us – The Kenton, home local and uber uber. The Folgate (aka The Water Poet) because it’s work local and and boy those city kids sure know how to party, The Griffin, because it’s where we go the most and everyone always knows your name, or recognises your hat, and finally there is our new country local, The Bell Inn, Ticehurst. It’s reopened and re-vamped, and we are massively loving the open fire and good food. If you’re in the area check this boozer out. The urinals are quite the talking point, although it seems a little bit of a waste to us, but we do like the booky, tweedy look and added quirkball country designs. We really liked the stuffed squirrel (not a waste as it died of natural causes unlike the poor trumpets in the boys toilets) the branding is pretty fab too. But most important is the warm atmos, just what we’re after. So if you’re diving off the wagon this weekend make the last couple of weeks count and do it in style…happy weekending from E&B.

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